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Established 2023



Looking for online maths tutoring designed to meet your child's individual needs?

Addition Education has got you covered.

My group or one-to-one tutoring sessions are tailored to meet the individual needs of each student and are designed to help them achieve their academic goals.

I strive to make learning enjoyable and offer 100% tuition with no admin fees. So,  looking for a more personalized learning experience, Addition Education is here to help.


Word of Mouth

"David was a great help tutoring our son in the run up to him sitting his GCSE's.  He was very patient and really had a desire to help our son to do his best.  He benefitted hugely from the sessions and went on to get the grade in Maths he required to secure his apprenticeship."

Jo, Parent of a GCSE student

We couldn't be prouder of our child, they scored more than we could have ever hoped for and this is thanks to your support and their dedication. We honestly have so much to thank you for as you worked with such a small window but you gave our child the support, confidence, reassurance that they so greatly needed and the results have proved this.

Amanda, Parent of a GCSE student


Online group maths lessons

One-to-one maths tutoring

Overcome Learning Challenges

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Welcome to online group maths tutoring, where I offer personalised learning to up to 5 individuals per session. The groups are carefully selected based on ability, not age, to ensure the right level of learning. With online learning, you can join our platform from anywhere in the world, at any time.

The best part? No distractions, and a personalised learning experience so you can focus on mastering your maths skills.

Join our community today and see the difference!

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